The Canzona Chamber Orchestra play Mozart

Conductor & Pianist

Dominic Alldis was born into a family of classical musicians; his mother is a violinist and his father was the renowned choral conductor John Alldis.  Though he is known primariy as a jazz musician, he has maintained a keen connection to classical music, playing the cello and classical piano,and conducting orchestras worldwide as part of his leadership development programs.

In 1997 Dominic began cultivated a parallel career as a business speaker, exploring music as a metaphor for the world of business. In 2003, he founded Music & Management to provide a range of musical experiences for leadership development programs, client appreciation events and business conferences.  The orchestral events have taken him to London, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Malmo, Prague, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Budapest, Gevena, Lucern, Warsaw, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Moscow, Beijing, Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Dubai, Istanbul, Jakata, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Mexico City, Mumbai, Quito, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Taipei and Toronto.

In 2010, Dominic formed the Canzona Chamber Orchestra to perform classical repertoire and cross-over projects with leading jazz musicians. The orchestra's inaugural concert took place at St James's Piccadilly and featured Tchaikovsky's Serenade for Strings, Britten's Simple Symphony and the premiere of A Childhood Suite by Dominic Alldis, scored for jazz piano trio and orchestra.

Recent repertoire has included the following:

  • Serenade for Strings, Op. 48 by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
  • Serenade for Strings, Op. 22 by Antonin Dvorak
  • Serenade for Strings, Op.6 by Josef Suk
  • Serenade for Strings, Op. 20 by Edward Elgar
  • The Holberg Suite, Op. 40 by Edvard Greig
  • The St. Paul's Suite by Gustav Holst
  • The Brook Green Suite by Gustav Holst
  • Divertimenti KV136, KV137 & KV138 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Symphony No. 29 in D, KV 201 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Symphony No. 41 "Jupiter", KV551 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Symphony No. 5 in B flat major, D. 485 by Franz Schubert
  • Simple Symphony, by Benjamin Britten
  • Suite for Strings, by Leos Janacek
  • Serenade for Strings, Op. 11, by Dag Wiren
  • Sinfonia in D, by Felix Mendelssohn
  • Symphony No. 1 in C, Op. 21 by Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Symphony No. 44 "Die Trauer" by Joseph Haydn
  • Capriol Suite by Peter Warlock
  • A Downland Suite by John Ireland
  • English Suite by Hubert Parry
  • Two Elegiac Melodies by Edvard Greig
  • Symphony No. 27 by Joseph Haydn
  • Symphony No. 47 by Joseph Haydn
  • Symphony No. 51 by Joseph Haydn
  • Symphony No. 52 by Joseph Haydn
  • Symphony No. 63 “La Roxelana” by Joseph Haydn
  • Symphony No. 64 “Tempora Mutantur” by Joseph Haydn
  • Suite for Strings by Leos Janacek
  • Lady Radnor Suite by Hubert Parry
  • Symphony No. 21 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Symphony No. 25 “Haffner” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Symphony No. 40 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • A Childhood Suite by Dominic Alldis

In 2000 Dominic was made an Honorary Associate of the Royal Academy

of Music in London and currently holds a teaching post there.