Dominic Alldis is a pianist and conductor. He is also the founder of Music & Management, an organisation providing musical learning events for conferences and leadership development programs. He is on the teaching staff of the Royal Academy of Music where he gives classes about improvisation and jazz to classical pianists and opera singers. In 2010 he formed the Canzona Chamber Orchestra to develop cross-over projects with both classical and jazz artists. He is also a Steinway Artist and an Honorary Associate of the Royal Academy of Music.

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Dominic Alldis has been part of the British jazz scene for over 30 years performing and touring with numerous musical projects. His most recent project is the Dominic Alldis Trio with bassist Andrew Cleyndert and drummer Martin France, the trio specialises in jazz interpretations of classical and opera themes.  Dominic is also a regular performer at London's premiere cabaret venue The Pheasantry, where he performs jazz standards and classic songs from the Great American Songbook with Andrew Cleyndert and guitarist Colin Oxley.

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'Praeludium' by Dominic Alldis
'A Childhood Suite' by Dominic Alldis
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Classical Project: Promotional Film

Songs We Heard: Promotional Film